I Dont Need Reasons to Love INDONESIA

i dont need a reason to love my country
whatever it would be and whatever it should be
i love my country
oh yeah maybe iam not the most precious kid to prove care for
at least i dont involving my self into society camplaining everyday to this country
dont they think this country is what they`ve been done..
stop complaining and start to love your country..
no matter what its like and how so sad when you see the truth..
start to love and believe then someday you`ll be grateful to yourself

i dont need million reasons to love my country
and i dont need to involved into political business
i`ll do something better and maybe its bad for you still
but i`ll try my best to do something for me and arrounds me.

stop complainning, i dont need a reason to love my country..
stop complainning, its your country you fukkin idiot..
stop complainning, its our job to make it all better
stop complainning yes i dont need a reason to love..
my beloved country.. INDONESIA.

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